On Duty : Off Duty with TruckVault

The men and women who protect and serve are never really “off-duty” and in that respect neither is your TruckVault.

Each TruckVault Secure Storage System serves on-duty customers in many ways. Law Enforcement officers carry a ton of gear daily and on top of that many officers today perform multiple duties. SWAT officers, for instance, carry additional high value gear that needs securing. Overloaded and busting at the seams and with cab space at a premium, TruckVault products not only secure valuable or sensitive items but also organize it efficiently saving both time and money. The same goes for surveyorsphotographers, and any number of other professions where expensive equipment is transported daily while on the job. But TruckVault isn’t just for work purposes, it can be for your weekend adventures as well.

With outdoor sports and overlanding on the rise in the last 5 years or so, people are investing in expensive equipment for campingfishingsport shooting, etc. and this means that more and more people need to make sure their investments don’t get stolen. TruckVault in-vehicle secure storage solutions can be used to hold firearms used for hunting, but also for many other things such as skis, fishing poles, cameras, and more. We’ve seen a huge increase in customers who are looking for a TruckVault for their overlanding trips so that as they travel the world in their vehicle, they can securely store their camping and cooking equipment so that when they need to leave their vehicle for a hike or to grab a bite to eat they don’t need to worry about someone breaking in and taking their most valuable gear.

We’ve come across many public safety customers who, after seeing how they were able to utilize their department’s TruckVault, decide to purchase one for their personal vehicle as well as for their hunting, fishing, and everyday life need for secure storage. One customer, a local law enforcement officer for the WDFW (he cannot be named due to the nature of his job, so we’ll call him John) who is also a competition bow hunter, has a TruckVault for his on duty and off duty needs. John says,

I own a TruckVault in my personal rig as well as my patrol pickup. My TruckVault in my personal vehicle secures my competition/hunting archery gear. I drive a 2017 Toyota Tacoma and with gear worth in excess of $2,000 it gives me peace of mind knowing it is safe. I used to just lock it up in the cab of my truck, but with so many rigs getting broken into these days I can’t risk it.”

– Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer

As a law enforcement officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, there’s a need to secure firearms, tranquilizer guns, ballistics vests, and other extremely sensitive equipment which is why so many of these agencies equip their fleets with TruckVault secure in-vehicle storage products. Having a TruckVault Secure Storage System in their department vehicles ensures that they can put their gear in their vehicles without having to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. Many men and women in the public safety sector choose to conceal carry a gun when they’re off-duty as well so they come to TruckVault looking for a solution to store their firearm for their personal vehicle, knowing the risk of leaving it unsecured far outweighs the cost of a TruckVault. John’s an avid competition archer and hunter, so his gear spends a lot of time in his car and he knows he can’t afford to lose it. John frequently travels the country to go to competitions and knows that when much of your time is spent on the road, the risk of getting your vehicle broken into is even higher so the need to secure your gear is also heightened. He chose to invest in a TruckVault so he can sleep at night, no matter where in the country he is, knowing that his expensive hunting and archery gear will be there in his truck when he wakes up in the morning.

The same people that use TruckVault Secure In-Vehicle Storage Systems for their on-duty life in law enforcement are the ones who like to hike, camp, hunt, or even just carry a firearm in their off-duty life. We understand that buying one of our products is an investment, but it’s one worth investing in because your TruckVault can be utilized in every facet of your life. After seeing how much use his department got out of their TruckVault and knowing that local, state, and federal departments around the nation trust TruckVault product to keep their gear safe, John decided he needed one too. There’s a reason why over 10,000 local, state, and federal departments around the U.S. have trusted TruckVault for over 20 years to keep their gear safe and secure. Each Storage System is made to withstand the toughest conditions and last a lifetime so that wherever you find yourself, whether you’re on-duty or off-duty, your TruckVault will be there for you.

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Tucker 6 Month Update

Where does the time go? Just a few short months ago I was driving to South Dakota to pick up Tucker. Fast forward to today, Tucker is 6 months old and looking more like an adult yellow lab than the puppy I met in March.

Like kids, dogs progress quickly. Hard to remember when they were little. Tucker now weighs in at 55 lbs. and while he appears to be on the more adult dog side of things he is still all puppy. His speed and agility have ratchetted up ten-fold which when outside is great but when inside the house or office can cause problems. Safe to say now we have moved on to the second level of dog proofing the home and have added an electronic collar into the mix…thank you DT Systems.

So what have we accomplished at this point? We have “sit, stay, come” in good. This is reinforced when he has his collar on. He really snaps too and has learned basically on vibrate mode. For whatever reason “down” is not locked in but is one of our big focuses right now and we are probably 75% of the way there. Tucker is very sensitive to any electrical stimulation, so I use that sparingly. He is healing pretty well and will get deeper into that as we progress. We are working on lining for short distances and retrieves back to the hand. Still keeping this one fun and light. DT Systems sent a dummy launcher which we will soon incorporate as well. I have a batch of frozen pheasant wings sent to us courtesy of good friend Darik Tschetter of Ringneck Retreat in South Dakota. Tucker gets a big snout-full of those periodically and soon I will take to hiding them for search and recover missions around the yard and in the field.

For the month of May, Tucker and I were at our home in Arizona where we learned about swimming pools/swimming, scorpions, Oleander trees (poisonous) and other things desert-y. We took a side trip to Pasadena, California for a golf tournament where for whatever reason Tucker got sick. Let’s just say we had a few late night kennel soilings that continued on until we got back to AZ. Discovered that a little pumpkin pie filling mixed into his dry kibble would eventually firm things up and put smiles back on the faces of all involved. Thank god, that was wearing thin and certainly did not make Tucker happy either.

Back at home Tucker takes to the water like an old pro, matter of fact he went swimming yesterday at the East Lake Sammish boat ramp.  He happily retrieves anything I throw out for him and swims feverishly to get after whatever that is. There was a local tame swan who swam over to investigate what Tucker was up to, wish I had gotten a picture. For all practical purposes Tucker is happy, fun & food loving, curious, affectionate, growing and ready to please. Oh and did I mention spoiled too? Stay tuned for more as we add Tova, a Bernipoo to our family in a week or so!

Gun Thefts and Gun Security

Thieves are increasingly targeting vehicles for firearms: learn how to protect yourself and others.

Every day in the U.S., roughly one gun is stolen every minute. That amounts to around 600,000 stolen guns every year, many of which are later used to commit violent crimes. People buy guns to help protect themselves, but when they don’t protect them from being stolen, they’re putting themselves and their communities in danger.

Gun theft has become an increasingly serious and alarming issue in the United States in the past 10 years. A multitude of cities reporting that gun theft from cars has increased as much as 70%. Unfortunately, many gun owners leave their handguns, shotguns, and rifles in their vehicles as they go to the grocery store or to work without ensuring they’re locked up inside the vehicle. All it takes is a jimmied door or a broken window for criminals to easily take firearms, which they then use to commit other crimes. With a 28% increase in youth firearm deaths in the last 6 years, there has been rising concern in communities nationwide about the ease at which children and teenagers can gain access to firearms. According to Lieutenant Blaine Whited of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, “the kids know where they’re at. They understand, ‘We check enough door handles, we’re gonna get something.’” Lt. Whited highlights the alarming number of guns stolen from unlocked vehicles with guns just sitting in plain sight inside a vehicle, practically asking to be stolen. This increase has also had an impact on the work of law enforcement agencies because when someone steals a gun, the gun is in the hands of a criminal who will more than likely commit other crimes with it. One ATF official said, “If a gun owner doesn’t do what he’s supposed to be doing, that obviously makes our job a lot harder.”

Some states have begun passing laws that hold gun owners responsible if their guns end up in the wrong hands. Typically these laws are in regard to children gaining access to guns but some also include those who are prohibited from owning a gun such as convicted felons. The state of Washington recently passed a law in which gun owners can be punished if they leave their firearms in a place that would allow a felon to potentially gain access to the gun under the premise of community endangerment. In 2008, a former State Trooper in South Carolina left his pickup unlocked with a .40-caliber Glock in the back and it was stolen. It was subsequently found in a drug bust but in 2011 was stolen again. In 2015, 30-year-old Tyrone Howard, a convicted felon who had been in and out of jail since he was 13, used that same gun to kill NYPD Officer Randolph Holder. There are hundreds of stories just like this one, often including teenagers who get ahold of a gun and accidentally shoot and kill a friend of theirs, a sibling, or even themselves.

Jim Wedick, a retired FBI agent says, “You just can’t leave a gun alone in a vehicle. You just can’t do it. It has to be in a compartment, or in chains an inch thick wrapped around a lead box, because, God forbid, someone gets hurt.”

Since 1995, TruckVault has taken the issue of in-vehicle firearm security very seriously; we have made secure storage for the transportation of firearms our #1 mission. We started off by making products for sportsmen and women who needed a way to secure their hunting shotguns and rifles that they left in their truck while on a hunt, and today we make products for virtually every make and model of vehicle on the road. Law enforcement agencies across the country have been taking measures to ensure their weapons are secured safely. There’s a reason over 10,000 agencies in the U.S. have trusted TruckVault to secure their firearms and sensitive equipment — it’s the best in the industry and we treat our customers with care. All TruckVault products are handcrafted in the USA and are backed by an industry leading warranty and provide second to none customer service.

No matter your need, TruckVault has you covered. From simple stock designs to complex units that accommodate for drones, gooseneck trailer hitches, tactical equipment, pull out tables, elevated units, spare tire access, dog kennels and so much more. We have tens of thousands of designs and are constantly creating new ones for our customers’ specific needs. All TruckVault products are handcrafted in the USA, backed by an industry leading warranty, and we offer free shipping in the contiguous US.