Tucker’s First Hunt

It seems like just yesterday that I was headed off to South Dakota to pick up Tucker. But in reality, that was 8 months ago and a lot of training and tons of fun has taken place since then. All in all, I could not be happier or prouder of the way Tucker has developed; he is after all just a pup still and my expectations of his first pheasant trip were certainly tempered. But after the first day in the field, other than a few glitches that will get worked out over more time hunting, I would have to say I could not be happier. He has definitely come with a lot of great “built-ins”. 

A hunter giving a bumper to his dog while standing next to his muddy truck.

Our original plans for Tucker’s first hunt were to do a brother and father reunion trip to Ringneck Retreat in Hitchcock, SD. My good friend Darik Tschetter owns Tucker’s father Noisy Boy and is his top lodge gun dog. He also owns the only other male (pick of the litter) of six yellow labs that Tucker came from. Unfortunately, an accident took place this summer and Darik’s lodge burnt to the ground, so we had to change plans. An offer was tendered to us to go hunt at our TruckVault board member’s lodge just outside of Missoula, MT and we accepted. It was here three years ago that we filmed my 13-year-old lab Drake on one of his final pheasant hunts so this made it an even more special hunt location. So, my uncle and his ten year old yellow lab Bella, Ross Roberts our video and photo guru, and Tucker and I all loaded up September 30th for the 10-hour trek to Crystal Creek Lodge. The trip over was uneventful. The predicted big snows did happen but much further north of our route in Glacier National Park. Our travels over Snoqualmie Pass (WA) and then 4th of July (ID) and Lookout Passes (MT) were bare and dry. When you arrive at the lodge at Crystal Creek it is a picture right out of the text books. Nestled among 700 acres of alder, aspen, pine trees, wetlands and grassland along a three mile stretch of the Clark Fork River — the lodge and its amenities are second to none. Comfortable rooms, excellent food and great company were the order of every day. It was here we were joined by TruckVault CEO, Al Chandler and his 5-year-old chocolate lab Addy, Ron Roberts and his 5-year-old black lab Sami, as well as five other gentleman who had come from various parts of the country, one as far away as New York, to enjoy a few days of pheasant hunting, trout fishing, sporting clays, and long range shooting. Lodge Manager and partner Matt set us up in our own field on the first day, away from the rest of the group. After getting set up and ready to go it was time to see if Tucker and my work leading up to this day would pay off. Tucker had not worked with live birds to this point but from the second we hit that field Tucker was all business, nose to the ground, and working with Bella. It wasn’t long before they got hot and pushed out a nice rooster which I shot…..we were off to the races. There would be many repeat performances of this scene over the next couple days. You never know what you are going to get with a young dog on a first hunt. But what I witnessed was that Tucker had endless energy, was great at working close, picking up scent, locating the bird, flushing it, and then marking and getting to where it was down.

A hunter walking with a pheasant in his hand and his hunting dog jumping at it.

The glitch was Tucker would not bring the pheasant back to me! He was hunting with my uncle’s dog Bella who would not retrieve pheasants either (she retrieves ducks til the cows come home) which we think was due to an incident that took place when she was younger, when a rooster spurred her pretty good. Her reluctance to bring them back may have had an influence on Tucker but I’m not sure. On day two something changed: Tucker, Bella, and I were hunting a bottom area off a large pond. We had taken a couple roosters as we first dumped into a field, but still no luck getting the dogs to retrieve to hand. As we walked along, the dogs were getting hot when 20 yards ahead of them I spotted a rooster slinking low in the grass and through a barbed wire fence into a sparsely grassed field with not much cover. He hunkered down about 20 yards into this field so I let the dogs through the wire, figuring I would get a clean shot as they flushed the bird from its hiding spot. Best laid plans of mice and men. The rooster gets on the move again as the dogs near it and next thing you know it’s a 50-yard shot on a live bird going away. I let loose with both barrels, the first dipping the bird from behind and the second clean missing him. 600-yards or so later, losing oil pressure, I see the bird go down with the dogs in hot pursuit. I wasn’t sure how alive the bird was going to be when they got there as I climbed the fence, but I got my answer as I watched them flush it again into a small stand of alders. I was on the whistle and halfway across the field thinking I was going to lose both dogs and would have to answer to my aunt and wife when I got back home when I caught a glimpse of the two of them running towards me. As they got closer, I could then see that Bella had the rooster in her mouth with Tucker trying to snatch it. She brought it all the way back to me laying it gently at my feet. They both got petted up good for that one and guess what…the next bird I shot Tucker brought back to me…well halfway! I couldn’t wait to get back to tell my uncle the story. All too soon it was time to head back home.

A hunter walking through a grassy field with his dog.

As trips like this go, it was not without its mishaps. Al’s dog Addy hit a barbed wire fence at full speed going after a bird and suffered a gnarly gash to her front leg that required surgery at a local Missoula Veterinarian’s office, ending her trip. All is well and she is no worse for the wear now and will be ready for the next hunt you can bet! Tucker and I will continue to work some release site pheasants here in Washington waiting for our duck lease to get some water.

MK-71: An Undercover Patrolman’s Dream

This highly customized Escalade was designed by Ai Design to be discreet on the street with a FLIR camera, 360 degree lights, and a killer audio system.

Every so often a project comes along that is just so juicy we can’t wait to get started. TruckVault gets a lot of great requests for product from builders for special builds for a variety of industries, and we do get involved in a good number of those builds. But what I am talking about here is a build that falls in the top 1% of builds and it came from Ai Design: meet MK-71.

Ai Design out of Tuckahoe, NY, came to us because they had a client who had requested some extensive work be done to his Escalade. Ai Design is a top-to-bottom custom automotive design studio that can do just about anything you need done to your rig. Their customer had three main goals he wanted to achieve through an extensive customization process and then of course it grew from there. The first item on the list was a bed liner black-out exterior finish, (2) a killer audio system and (3) some power and performance upgrades. As the project moved along the client’s ideas for the end result of the build moved with it. An emergency response system was added along with auxiliary lighting both inside and out. Finally, some wild military-grade and military-inspired additions to the vehicle’s equipment and controls were added, and that’s where TruckVault got involved. Here’s a couple videos to show you just what this rig is capable of:

This was obviously a super high-tech build and as you can see our TruckVault fit in seamlessly. While our contribution to this build was for us standard fair, the client did not need much more from us. Had he required a highly customized build we would have been ready for it. Both our standard and custom builds provide excellent fit and finish to any vehicle whether it be a pickup, SUV, van, sedan or otherwise. Our background in law enforcement really made us the perfectchoice here. Custom or otherwise, TruckVault products are built tough, built to last, and backed by an industry-leading warranty and customer service team.

On Duty : Off Duty with TruckVault

The men and women who protect and serve are never really “off-duty” and in that respect neither is your TruckVault.

Each TruckVault Secure Storage System serves on-duty customers in many ways. Law Enforcement officers carry a ton of gear daily and on top of that many officers today perform multiple duties. SWAT officers, for instance, carry additional high value gear that needs securing. Overloaded and busting at the seams and with cab space at a premium, TruckVault products not only secure valuable or sensitive items but also organize it efficiently saving both time and money. The same goes for surveyorsphotographers, and any number of other professions where expensive equipment is transported daily while on the job. But TruckVault isn’t just for work purposes, it can be for your weekend adventures as well.

With outdoor sports and overlanding on the rise in the last 5 years or so, people are investing in expensive equipment for campingfishingsport shooting, etc. and this means that more and more people need to make sure their investments don’t get stolen. TruckVault in-vehicle secure storage solutions can be used to hold firearms used for hunting, but also for many other things such as skis, fishing poles, cameras, and more. We’ve seen a huge increase in customers who are looking for a TruckVault for their overlanding trips so that as they travel the world in their vehicle, they can securely store their camping and cooking equipment so that when they need to leave their vehicle for a hike or to grab a bite to eat they don’t need to worry about someone breaking in and taking their most valuable gear.

We’ve come across many public safety customers who, after seeing how they were able to utilize their department’s TruckVault, decide to purchase one for their personal vehicle as well as for their hunting, fishing, and everyday life need for secure storage. One customer, a local law enforcement officer for the WDFW (he cannot be named due to the nature of his job, so we’ll call him John) who is also a competition bow hunter, has a TruckVault for his on duty and off duty needs. John says,

I own a TruckVault in my personal rig as well as my patrol pickup. My TruckVault in my personal vehicle secures my competition/hunting archery gear. I drive a 2017 Toyota Tacoma and with gear worth in excess of $2,000 it gives me peace of mind knowing it is safe. I used to just lock it up in the cab of my truck, but with so many rigs getting broken into these days I can’t risk it.”

– Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer

As a law enforcement officer for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, there’s a need to secure firearms, tranquilizer guns, ballistics vests, and other extremely sensitive equipment which is why so many of these agencies equip their fleets with TruckVault secure in-vehicle storage products. Having a TruckVault Secure Storage System in their department vehicles ensures that they can put their gear in their vehicles without having to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. Many men and women in the public safety sector choose to conceal carry a gun when they’re off-duty as well so they come to TruckVault looking for a solution to store their firearm for their personal vehicle, knowing the risk of leaving it unsecured far outweighs the cost of a TruckVault. John’s an avid competition archer and hunter, so his gear spends a lot of time in his car and he knows he can’t afford to lose it. John frequently travels the country to go to competitions and knows that when much of your time is spent on the road, the risk of getting your vehicle broken into is even higher so the need to secure your gear is also heightened. He chose to invest in a TruckVault so he can sleep at night, no matter where in the country he is, knowing that his expensive hunting and archery gear will be there in his truck when he wakes up in the morning.

The same people that use TruckVault Secure In-Vehicle Storage Systems for their on-duty life in law enforcement are the ones who like to hike, camp, hunt, or even just carry a firearm in their off-duty life. We understand that buying one of our products is an investment, but it’s one worth investing in because your TruckVault can be utilized in every facet of your life. After seeing how much use his department got out of their TruckVault and knowing that local, state, and federal departments around the nation trust TruckVault product to keep their gear safe, John decided he needed one too. There’s a reason why over 10,000 local, state, and federal departments around the U.S. have trusted TruckVault for over 20 years to keep their gear safe and secure. Each Storage System is made to withstand the toughest conditions and last a lifetime so that wherever you find yourself, whether you’re on-duty or off-duty, your TruckVault will be there for you.

Click here to find the right TruckVault for your life.

Tucker 6 Month Update

Where does the time go? Just a few short months ago I was driving to South Dakota to pick up Tucker. Fast forward to today, Tucker is 6 months old and looking more like an adult yellow lab than the puppy I met in March.

Like kids, dogs progress quickly. Hard to remember when they were little. Tucker now weighs in at 55 lbs. and while he appears to be on the more adult dog side of things he is still all puppy. His speed and agility have ratchetted up ten-fold which when outside is great but when inside the house or office can cause problems. Safe to say now we have moved on to the second level of dog proofing the home and have added an electronic collar into the mix…thank you DT Systems.

So what have we accomplished at this point? We have “sit, stay, come” in good. This is reinforced when he has his collar on. He really snaps too and has learned basically on vibrate mode. For whatever reason “down” is not locked in but is one of our big focuses right now and we are probably 75% of the way there. Tucker is very sensitive to any electrical stimulation, so I use that sparingly. He is healing pretty well and will get deeper into that as we progress. We are working on lining for short distances and retrieves back to the hand. Still keeping this one fun and light. DT Systems sent a dummy launcher which we will soon incorporate as well. I have a batch of frozen pheasant wings sent to us courtesy of good friend Darik Tschetter of Ringneck Retreat in South Dakota. Tucker gets a big snout-full of those periodically and soon I will take to hiding them for search and recover missions around the yard and in the field.

For the month of May, Tucker and I were at our home in Arizona where we learned about swimming pools/swimming, scorpions, Oleander trees (poisonous) and other things desert-y. We took a side trip to Pasadena, California for a golf tournament where for whatever reason Tucker got sick. Let’s just say we had a few late night kennel soilings that continued on until we got back to AZ. Discovered that a little pumpkin pie filling mixed into his dry kibble would eventually firm things up and put smiles back on the faces of all involved. Thank god, that was wearing thin and certainly did not make Tucker happy either.

Back at home Tucker takes to the water like an old pro, matter of fact he went swimming yesterday at the East Lake Sammish boat ramp.  He happily retrieves anything I throw out for him and swims feverishly to get after whatever that is. There was a local tame swan who swam over to investigate what Tucker was up to, wish I had gotten a picture. For all practical purposes Tucker is happy, fun & food loving, curious, affectionate, growing and ready to please. Oh and did I mention spoiled too? Stay tuned for more as we add Tova, a Bernipoo to our family in a week or so!

Gun Thefts and Gun Security

Thieves are increasingly targeting vehicles for firearms: learn how to protect yourself and others.

Every day in the U.S., roughly one gun is stolen every minute. That amounts to around 600,000 stolen guns every year, many of which are later used to commit violent crimes. People buy guns to help protect themselves, but when they don’t protect them from being stolen, they’re putting themselves and their communities in danger.

Gun theft has become an increasingly serious and alarming issue in the United States in the past 10 years. A multitude of cities reporting that gun theft from cars has increased as much as 70%. Unfortunately, many gun owners leave their handguns, shotguns, and rifles in their vehicles as they go to the grocery store or to work without ensuring they’re locked up inside the vehicle. All it takes is a jimmied door or a broken window for criminals to easily take firearms, which they then use to commit other crimes. With a 28% increase in youth firearm deaths in the last 6 years, there has been rising concern in communities nationwide about the ease at which children and teenagers can gain access to firearms. According to Lieutenant Blaine Whited of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, “the kids know where they’re at. They understand, ‘We check enough door handles, we’re gonna get something.’” Lt. Whited highlights the alarming number of guns stolen from unlocked vehicles with guns just sitting in plain sight inside a vehicle, practically asking to be stolen. This increase has also had an impact on the work of law enforcement agencies because when someone steals a gun, the gun is in the hands of a criminal who will more than likely commit other crimes with it. One ATF official said, “If a gun owner doesn’t do what he’s supposed to be doing, that obviously makes our job a lot harder.”

Some states have begun passing laws that hold gun owners responsible if their guns end up in the wrong hands. Typically these laws are in regard to children gaining access to guns but some also include those who are prohibited from owning a gun such as convicted felons. The state of Washington recently passed a law in which gun owners can be punished if they leave their firearms in a place that would allow a felon to potentially gain access to the gun under the premise of community endangerment. In 2008, a former State Trooper in South Carolina left his pickup unlocked with a .40-caliber Glock in the back and it was stolen. It was subsequently found in a drug bust but in 2011 was stolen again. In 2015, 30-year-old Tyrone Howard, a convicted felon who had been in and out of jail since he was 13, used that same gun to kill NYPD Officer Randolph Holder. There are hundreds of stories just like this one, often including teenagers who get ahold of a gun and accidentally shoot and kill a friend of theirs, a sibling, or even themselves.

Jim Wedick, a retired FBI agent says, “You just can’t leave a gun alone in a vehicle. You just can’t do it. It has to be in a compartment, or in chains an inch thick wrapped around a lead box, because, God forbid, someone gets hurt.”

Since 1995, TruckVault has taken the issue of in-vehicle firearm security very seriously; we have made secure storage for the transportation of firearms our #1 mission. We started off by making products for sportsmen and women who needed a way to secure their hunting shotguns and rifles that they left in their truck while on a hunt, and today we make products for virtually every make and model of vehicle on the road. Law enforcement agencies across the country have been taking measures to ensure their weapons are secured safely. There’s a reason over 10,000 agencies in the U.S. have trusted TruckVault to secure their firearms and sensitive equipment — it’s the best in the industry and we treat our customers with care. All TruckVault products are handcrafted in the USA and are backed by an industry leading warranty and provide second to none customer service.

No matter your need, TruckVault has you covered. From simple stock designs to complex units that accommodate for drones, gooseneck trailer hitches, tactical equipment, pull out tables, elevated units, spare tire access, dog kennels and so much more. We have tens of thousands of designs and are constantly creating new ones for our customers’ specific needs. All TruckVault products are handcrafted in the USA, backed by an industry leading warranty, and we offer free shipping in the contiguous US.

Drones in Law Enforcement

To the military they are UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems), to the rest of us they are simply called drones. Drones are used when manned flight is considered too risky or very difficult. They are all over the news lately both being used recreationally and in the Law Enforcement sector. This growing recreational consumer market and an increasing Public Safety arena has over 347 agencies in 43 states now flying them as of April 2017.

Drones have been deployed by the LE community for over a decade now dating back to a time when it was just an emerging technology with very limited uses. If you think the LE community has a bunch of these flying robots in the air, consider this –“the FAA estimates that the consumer market for drones will more than triple by 2021, with 3.5 million drones in use, up from 1.1 million currently“. The fleet market estimates that at any given time 420K commercial drones are likely to be flying. That’s a lot of drones and with the rise in this usage so has the need to securely store not only the drone itself but the additional thousands of dollars-worth of hardware needed to safely operate these non-manned flights.

TruckVault ratcheted up its drone build program in early 2018. Spearheaded out of necessity, we were receiving requests weekly for a secure in-vehicle TruckVault build that could not only house the flying portion of the equation the drone itself, but also an array of high-tech monitors, cameras, and much more. One recent promotional video supporting our capabilities had us working with a department that had invested $70k dollars, a payload well worth securing and protecting in the back of your pickup, sedan, van, or SUV.

For more information on our custom tailored TruckVault Drone builds give us a call at (800) 967-8107 and ask for your local knowledgeable TruckVault Representative.

Don Fenton

Kim Rhode: TruckVault Means Security and Peace of Mind

I was like most shooters out there, thinking that it would never happen to me, but I was about to learn how wrong I was. Seeing the broken glass all over the ground and the broken window of my truck, was one of the most heart breaking and sinking feelings I have ever experienced. My competition shotgun was gone! Robbers had rummaged through my truck, gone through my shooting bag, glove box, everything; I assume looking for my Olympic medals as well. Fortunately I had those in my purse with me. If I had my Truck Vault then this would not have happened.

The story is a scary one but one that happens a lot more than most of us realize:

I had gone to a campground near Lake Elsinore, which is about a two-hour drive from my home, to film a public service announcement to get out and vote. I drove around the nearly empty campground for about 15 minutes looking for the film crew and talking to several people asking directions. The filming took less than an hour and involved me holding my gun and wearing my medals while talking about the importance of voting. After completing the filming, I put my shotgun in the case, behind the seat of my truck with my shooting bag and some clothes piled on top. I made sure that you could not see the gun case from outside looking in the window. I remember thinking, “Who would know?” since it was so covered and hidden in a junky old beat up pickup that no one would rob it. I assumed robbers would choose the new truck with nicer things. I placed my Olympic medals in my purse.

From there I drove to the Elsinore Outlet Mall to shop. I wanted to take advantage of the long drive and stop at the mall to do some Christmas shopping. When I came back, I discovered broken glass all over the ground and a broken window on my truck! My heart sank! My competition shotgun was gone! And I was scheduled to leave the next day for a World Cup competition.

The other disturbing fact is that the police were simply going to take my report and said, “Have a nice day.” until I began calling different news people that I knew and had done interviews with in the past. Once CBS and NBC began arriving on the scene both the police and the mall security began to take my stolen shotgun seriously, especially when it aired on the 6 o’clock News that evening.

The police assigned a person to follow up on the case which included pulling the security feed from the parking lot. What I found interesting is that they had my truck entering the mall parking lot and not too long behind me was a truck that stopped in front of my parked truck for about 15 or so minutes and then left. However, the video was so fuzzy they couldn’t read the license plate. It was basically of no value except to give them the make and model of the truck and that it had a tool rack on top.  The mall security was of no help, they only came to sweep up the glass stating it was a safety hazard. It didn’t matter to them that they were sweeping up evidence. They just didn’t want the broken glass in the News videos. I left the mall late afternoon with such a terrible sinking feeling.

About six months later I received a call from the Elsinore Police Department saying that they had recovered my gun! I couldn’t believe it! Apparently they did a random search at the home of a known drug dealer who was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon and found several guns stashed under his bed. One was my competition shotgun. He told the police that he didn’t steal the gun but had purchased it from the robbers (whose names he never gave up) and knew exactly what he had and whom it belonged to. He knew this because the gun case had my name in 3-inch letters embroidered inside… In his conversations with the Elsinore police, he further said the robbers had followed me from the campground. They knew I had a gun in my truck and watched as I walked into the mall.  He stated that “It wouldn’t have mattered where I stopped.” Before I could even drive down to the Elsinore Police Department to recover my gun, this drug dealer was already out on bail. The police commented to me when leaving that “this was the type of person who you didn’t want to know where you lived.”

My gun was just fine and in the case. Not a scratch. They did, however, remove my equipment check stickers from the stock. This was sad as some were from my Olympic competitions, but I was just so happy to get my shotgun back that I really didn’t care about the stickers.  After seeing my gun and getting it back, it made me angry that this person was already out of jail. How could he get out after everything? I decided then and there that I never wanted this to happen again so I actually started researching security products. It is well known that robbers will go to big matches and put tracking devices or marks on vehicles so that later in the night, when you’re back at the hotel, they can drive through the hotel parking lots looking for the vehicle’s they marked or tracked to rob. This is very common knowledge and happens to so many in the shooting circuit. I wasn’t going to be a victim a second time. My research led me to TruckVault.

Since then, I have installed a TruckVault into my new truck and now I can leave my gun with confidence that it will be there when I return. It allows me to safely store not just my gun but my ammo, shooting bag, and anything else valuable.

My husband is a musician and he uses our TruckVault for his music equipment: microphones, cables, speakers, etc. When his band plays, he knows that any extra equipment is locked up and safe. On occasion my father even locks his tools in the drawers. It also keeps everything inside clean and dry. The back seat of my truck is open for passengers and my TruckVault allows me to safely lock everything up and out-of-sight.

The nice thing is there are a ton of different options to make the TruckVault functional for your own personal needs. Each drawer locks and because the drawers pull all the way out, items are easily accessible. The drawers roll out easily even with heavy tools inside.

I’ll never have another vehicle without the security of a TruckVault.

Kim Rhode

6X Olympic Medalist: 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016

3 golds, 1 silver, and 3 bronze

The Best Dog

The loss of a family pet and hunting dog is life changing, a reality that I had to face last May. It wasn’t a matter of “if” but rather “when” I would be ready to start the process again. After a full hunting season without Drake we are now ready to embark on another wonderful journey with Tucker.

I’m not crying….. You’re crying.

As a dog lover there is no doubt in my mind that having a dog brings many upsides to your life. I mean who is happier to see you come home from work than your dog? Who wakes up every day on the right side of their kennel? Who is always wagging their tail in appreciation of virtually anything and everything you do? I mean I love my wife and my kids and grandkids, but let’s face it they all seem to have bad days here and there. A dog however, well they come in with a ton of wonderful built-ins that have been proven to improve your life! As I now embark on the next chapter in my dog owning life, I wanted to share with you a few reasons I discovered as to why.

Don and Drake bird hunting together in Montana.

Dogs improve your mood – spending a small amount of time a day with your dog can help you feel more calm and relaxed. Playing with them increases your levels of serotonin and dopamine, both are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and tranquility. Lower your blood pressure – studies have shown that talking to your pet can lower blood pressure and lower the risk of other illnesses associated with it. Lower incidence of skin ailments – children who have grown up with dogs have a lower risk of developing eczema than those who have cats or no dogs at all. Kids also develop less pet allergies if they grow up with dogs. Improved well being and fitness – your dog requires daily exercise and so do you so it goes to make sense that dog people are more active. Recovering from illnesses – dog owners have a much higher recovery rate from illnesses than non-dog owners. In fact, humans with dogs who suffered heart attacks are twice as likely to fully recover than those without! Children with dogs miss less school – research has shown that children from homes that have dogs have better overall health and less sickness and thus better school attendance.

The list goes on and on with dogs being credited for everything from improving self-esteem, to creating unbreakable bonds, to increasing social interactions, to reducing stress at work, and so on. They make great early warning systems in the home, they have been credited with discovering cancer on their owners, and so much more.

Tucker in the South Dakota snow.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to “Tucker,” our newest addition to our family at home and our TruckVault family at work. Tucker is just 5 weeks old in this photo and will be 9-10 weeks old when I drive back to South Dakota from Mount Vernon, WA to pick him up. He came from a litter of 6 (4 females and 2 males) and is absolutely adored by his human mom Rya. Matter of fact Rya had named him Hammy before we decided he was the one for us. His official AKC name will be Drake’s Tuckered Out Hammy in honor of Rya’s original naming and our 15 years old lab we put down last May, Drake. Tucker comes from a long line of working dogs from the Ringneck Retreat Lodge in Hitchcock, SD and has famous labs in his bloodline including Ramer’s Instant “Cash” Machine and Rik’s Risky “Raider”. Good friend and lodge owner, Darik Tschetter, got in touch with me in December saying that his sisters dog Tikka, who was bred to his yellow Noisy Boy, had pups on Christmas Eve. Judy and I had just started talking about a new dog and after seeing photos provided by Darik’s sister Tara, we fell in love. Tucker has a lot of fun ahead of him (as do we) and this certainly won’t be our last post on his progress. Stay tuned!

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What TruckVault Offers

TruckVault. If you break down the name you would assume that we make vault like products for trucks; of course in the beginning that would have been true. Over the course of 25 years however, our company has evolved from manufacturing only pickup builds to making products for SUV’s, sedans and so much more. Today we manufacture products for virtually every make and model of vehicle on the road in both standard product lines as well as custom configurations to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at a few of our most popular lines.


Initially, we set out to make standard height pickup units for covered beds and we still manufacture those units today. But as time went by, we were asked to provide a product for an open bed pickup. With necessity being the mother of invention, we developed the first of its kind All-Weather line. These stout, ruggedly built units are completely armor coated and feature an industry leading 2,000 lbs. top load capacity. Integrated bulb sealed drawers backed by top of the line service body industry compression locks, ensure that anyone looking for waterproof, secure in-vehicle storage will get just that. Our All-Weather TruckVaults protect against more than just water, they protect your gear from dust, humidity, and even fire. These top of the line units are available in many drawer height and width configurations and feature many available accessories like integrated tie down rails, interior lighting, additional divider packages, your choice of wood or black composite drawer faces, interior carpet colors and more.



Recently we had been asked to develop a secure line of products for the interior of pickups, primarily for under the rear seat in pickups. What we learned was that we had a good deal of customers who did not want to commit to using the entire back end of their pickup for secure storage. They really only needed to secure a long gun or two, maybe a pistol as well, or other valuables while traveling. With that in mind, our engineers set out to develop a line of products to fulfill this need, and the SeatVault was born. The SeatVault has quickly become a customer favorite, with its sleek design that provides security without taking up any extra space in your truck. SeatVault’s can be configured into one or two top hinged doors that integrate with our standard low-profile Silver T-Handle locks or our more secure Kaba Simplex combination lock with key override. Each unit is finished off with true OEM interior carpet colors made to match the interior of your pickup. These lidded secure in-vehicle storage systems fit securely under your rear passenger seat and provide the ultimate in concealment and in-vehicle security.

TruckVault_PickUpseries_CoveredBedLine_CustomSeatVault_Detriot-FBI-12A super custom, super awesome custom SeatVault we did for a Federal agent.


Each year we are faced with vehicle model changes and rear cargo re-configurations; in the case of the Ford Explorer over the past few years that has certainly been the case. Due to the rear cargo compartment spare tire in requirement, and this being integral to the rear crash safety component, our engineers had to design a product that took this into consideration. One of the most popular and most affordable designs to come out of this process is our SUV Elevated Line. Our elevated line starts with an industry leading secure in-vehicle drawer solution mounted atop a system of rugged, powder coated, steel brackets. These brackets secure into existing mounting points in the vehicle providing a secure and stable platform for the drawer system to operate. The elevated unit provides ample space to remove your spare tire as well as providing storage for items that do not need to be secured under the unit. Priced favorably, these units have become increasingly popular among law enforcement departments nationwide.



Sticking with the theme of providing secure in-vehicle storage systems for SUV’s, we set out to develop a steel platform for our base and custom model SUV builds that would slide and lift — allowing the user to maintain spare tire access. Our TruckVault Lift System product was developed to allow you to place a full sized TruckVault in your Ford Explorer* and retain quick access to your spare without a hassle. TruckVault’s Lift Technology uses four 120 lbs. heavy duty gas springs to make lifting the entire unit a snap. Dual locking star knobs on either side of the unit securely keep your TruckVault in place until you need to access to your spare. The Elevated Line Lift System secures to your vehicle using factory locations with no fabrication needed. Simple in design, its all-steel construction is engineered for heavy service and will last throughout the life of the vehicle.

*The Lift System can only be packaged with Base Line product models



Years ago we launched our TrunkVault line designed to fit in the old Crown Victoria patrol cars. It became wildly popular in the Law Enforcement community so of course it made sense to build for the civilian market as well. Nowadays we just call this our TruckVault Sedan Base Line series, though some still like to call it a TrunkVault. We make these sedan builds for all different models from your favorite car manufacturers. This product is perfect for any user who needs a high level of secure storage in the trunk of their daily driver, whether it’s for a concealed carry or to transport . Our single drawer base line in this model mounts to the floor of the vehicle to maximize secure storage space in this area. We also offer an elevated line for this model.


Above are just a small handful of the products we offer. A quick tour through our website www.truckvault.com will have you finding a plethora of builds for all makes and models of vehicle and for all sorts of applications. An easy to use configurator will allow you to custom build your own TruckVault for your specific vehicle.

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If you still don’t find what you are looking for please give us a call at (800) 967-8107 to speak with any one of our friendly Territory Managers or Sport Desk personnel, they are always standing by ready to assist you in providing the best information on the best secure in-vehicle storage product on the market.

Don Fenton

An American Success Story

It can be said that our company started by accident, we like to think it was born out of necessity. Twenty-three years ago our company founder and CEO, Al Chandler, was running a team of sub-contractors on a job in Seattle building a high end custom home. He arrived on the job site and noticed one of his guys was removing tools from a rudimentary plywood locking drawer system out of the back of his van. When asked about this crude but efficient contraption his employee responded, “I was getting pretty tired of guys borrowing or taking tools from my van and not returning them.” The seed of invention was now firmly planted in Al’s mind.


Al expanded on what he had seen that day and built a unit for his pickup. Not to tote along tools, mind you, but rather to carry and secure his shotguns, hunting rifles and bows, as well as any other valuable gear. Soon, his hunting buddies were seeing this locking drawer system as something they needed and before he knew it, Al Chandler was in business. Al then gave the product a name…TruckVault. In the early days the product was built exactly as the name implies… locking storage “vaults” built for “trucks”. But at an NRA show in 1995, a customer came up to our booth and asked if we would consider building a product for the back end of an SUV. An SUV vault? Al shrugged off the idea at the time, but a curious engineer back at the plant decided to take the thought when it was mentioned to him and pen some designs. It was that original design that launched us into the Public Safety market and we haven’t looked back since.

TruckVault has made many friends over the last 20+ years and we plan to make many more. When you commit to our company, we commit to you… you can expect more from a TruckVault product and we will make sure you will not be disappointed.

Don Fenton